WCFAB 2017+ L5P Duramax CP3 Conversion Kit


SKU WCF100455

These kits are the perfect solution for trucks with bigger turbo kits and injectors that have reached the limits of the stock HP4 pump and are in search of more power.

***Requires use of an aftermarket low pressure / CP3 compatible lift pump. Not compatible with OEM L5P in-tank pump or high pressure lift pumps designed for use with HP4 injection pumps.***

Which CP3 pump size option is best for you?

Sportman (WCF100455)- A great choice for trucks looking to replace a failed HP4, or applications with stock injectors or Exergy 30% over modified units being used with stock or drop in VGT charger setups or our S364.5 or S369 Drop in Fixed Vane Turbo Kits. With proper tuning this pump will support equivalent power levels to the HP4, up to 750 HP to the wheels. 

10mm (WCF100456)-  This pump pairs well with our S372, S463, and S467.7 kits with Exergy 60 or 100% over injectors targeting power levels up to 850 HP to the wheels.

12mm (WCF100457)-  Works best with our S472 and S476 kits with Exergy 100% over injectors and has been proven to reliably support over 1000 WHP in our regular cab shop truck.

14mm (WCF100458)- Ideal for built competition engines using power adders, big single or custom compound chargers with custom injectors looking to push the limits of the L5P platform.

NOTE: CUSTOM TUNING IS REQUIRED. This is a Racing Product for Competition use only.