WCFAB 2006-2010 LBZ/LMM Duramax Basic Intercooler Pipe for Factory Y-Bridge



Powdercoat colors can be found here!

Passenger Side 3" Intercooler pipe to be used with Factory Y-bridge. Intercooler pipe has 2 braces for support to keep factory y-bridge from blowing out but it is only recommended for stock turbo and stock transmission applications! Uses an o-ring seal at Y-bridge flange connection to eliminate boost leaks prone with the OEM metal gasket. 2010 LMM and some 2009 will require Map sensor Seal which we include in the kit.

***NOT compatible with the WCFab 3" Y-bridge, ONLY the factory y-bridge.
***NOT recommended for boost levels higher than 25 PSI.


-3" Intercooler Pipe for factory y-bridge
-Heater Hose and Clamps
-Map Sensor Seal
-Powder Coating 


-This Product is to be used for Off-road Race applications ONLY!
-A LB7 passenger side up pipe or our 2" Stainless Up Pipe kit will need to be purchased separately to fully remove the EGR.
-PCV will need to be rerouted


This Product cannot ship to the state of California