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  • WCFAB 2004.5-2005 LLY Duramax S300 Single Turbo Install Kit

    by WCFAB

    SKU WCF100480-GRY

    Powdercoat colors can be found here!


    This kit will allow you to install an S300 based Turbo on your 2004.5-2005 LLY Duramax. Replacing all of the OEM plumbing and y-bridge with high flow 3" diameter piping. Oil Lines are high quality stainless steel braided Parker Lines with the oil feed line routing from the main oil galley on the side of the engine block. We designed our down pipe to connect with your exhaust system V-Band and clamp which simplifies installation and does not require you to cut your exhaust system.
    If you are not purchasing the turbo from us you must specify the brand of turbo you are using, some Turbo's you may be required to ship to use for mock up to build the kit.
    Includes Driver Side Transmission Dipstick Tube which makes installation of the down pipe easier.

    ***NOTE: Our down pipe is HX40 style flange connection at the turbo as this style offers the best seal, alignment, and easiest install. If you are not purchasing the turbo from us you will need to make sure your exhaust housing is machined to HX40 style outlet flange! Note picture above for HX40 flange vs full marmon standard style.


    -4" Intake
    -Dry Air Filter
    -Outerwear's Pre-Filter Cover
    -Cast T4 Pedestal with Hardware
    -Stainless Steel Oil Feed and Drain Lines with Fittings
    -3" Fabricated High Flow Y-Bridge
    -3" Hot Side Intercooler Pipe
    -3" Cold Side Intercooler Pipe
    -3" Down Pipe with High Temp Coating (Mates to exhaust system flange)
    -Driver Side Trans Dipstick Tube
    -Coolant Pipe Plug
    -Silicone Boots
    -T-Bolt Clamps
    -V-Band Clamps
    -Heat wrap
    -Powder Coating