LBZ/LMM Y-Bridge Kit


SKU WCF100605

-3" Fabricated Y-Bridge
-3" Passenger Side Inter Cooler Pipe
-Silicone Boots
-T-Bolt Clamps
-5/8" Heater Hose
-Map Sensor Seal
-Y-Bridge Flange Gaskets
-Powder Coating



The LBZ/LMM 3" Y-Bridge Kit is an upgraded high flow intake kit for the 2006-2010 Duramax. The factory Y-bridge is a poorly designed two piece bridge that is prone to blowing apart under boost and creating poor drivability and excessive smoke. This is a one piece fabricated 3" bridge with a heavy duty machined bead roll on the end so the pipe cannot deform when the t-bolt clamp is tightened. This kit allows you to remove the EGR system for race use only. A 3" high flow inter cooler pipe compliments the y-bridge to offer a full 3" tract from inter cooler to engine. This 3" Y-Bridge kit will work in conjunction with our S400 over stock Twin Turbo Kit if you decide to upgrade in the future. 2010 LMM and some 2009 will require Map sensor Seal which we include in the kit.


-For off road competition use only
-LB7 passenger side up pipe or our 2" Stainless up Pipe kit will need to be purchased separately to fully remove the EGR.


Powder Coat Color Choices can be found HERE