DP TCT 2.5 STG2 Reman



All turbos have a $300.00 core charge included in the price that will refunded when core is returned. 

If you are going to powder coat or paint cover of this turbo please specify when ordering, because cover is glued on to make sure there no boost leaks at the cover.  

Please Select what year truck the turbo is going in drop down box above. 

Duramax 2004.5-2010
The Stage 2 BatMoWheel Turbocharger is a great upgrade for towing, daily driving, and for the weekend warriors that take it to the track. This is a brand new turbo cartridge and modifications to the exhaust housing including CNC porting, port matched gaskets and custom vanes decrease the drive pressure, allowing the turbocharger to breathe easier and lower EGT's.  This is charger is good for stock to 700hp with proper modifications and tuning. 

All Duramax VGT Turbo's 

Need to use stock LBZ/LMM plastic mouthpiece (intake adapter) or better for proper performance and durability on LLY trucks and newer.   On LLY trucks with stock parts and BMW3794va going from stock LLY mouthpiece to LBZ mouthpiece (intake adapter) on max effort tune can be worth up to 60hp!   Will also spool faster with less smoke and lower egts.  

Click here for mouthpiece (intake adapter)

Click here for upgraded mouthpiece clamp 

This turbo requires custom tuning for best results.

Other Information:
-Faster spool up over stock
-True 2.5" compressor bore
-Stock appearing
-Billet compressor wheel featuring Bullseye Power's BatMoWheel
-All new Garrett turbo cartridge