2017-19 L5P Tuning Package



L5P ECM Exchange Service


Everything you need to tune your L5P Duramax is HP Tuners ECM unlock, MVPI2 w/10 credits, PPEI driver selectable ECM tuning.

  • As of now the DST (driver selectable tuning) RWHP Gains over factory are as follows – 200HP/505ft lbs + over factory.
  • Power levels below
    1. 30 HP
    2. 60 HP
    3. 100 HP
    4. 150 HP
    5. 200 HP
  •  When Purchasing the ECM, MVPI2 + Credits, & Tuning from PPEI you will receive the best packaged pricing available on the market guaranteed!

      1. Purchase ECM - from PPEI
      2. Purchase MVPI2 + 10 Credits - from PPEI
      3. Purchase Tuning – from PPEI
      4. Once the HP Tuners Modified ECM Ships to your location you will then Remove your factory ECM and attached supplied return shipping label to the box to ensure a quick and easy return process.
      5. Once PPEI receives your returned factory ECM you will then be refunded any core charges that were charged upon purchase.
      6. We have decided to charge $700 for the core charge to ensure the return of the consumers factory ECU. The ECU core charge cost is 100% refundable if returned within 30 days of order shipment date. For every week late after 30 days the purchaser is subject to a 10% deduction per week. Ex: purchaser would only receive an 80% core charge refund after being two weeks later then the 30th day from original order shipment date.

    E41 ECU Exchange

    MVPI2 + 10 Credits

    PPEI ECU Tuning