• Earlier Converter Lockup
  • Increased Line Pressure
  • New Shift Strategy to Keep from Lugging
  • Easier Downshift with Less Throttle Input
  • Torque Management Tailored

DISCLAIMER:  TCM tuning will not fix a broken transmission.

2011 - 2016 Allison A50 & T87 TCM Tuning

The A50 & T87 Allison follows a pre-determined torque model in which all factory LML Duramax’s follow. As throttle input and load increases, so does the calculated torque the TCM estimates. Following this estimated torque amount, is line pressure. Line pressure in factory form is PERFECT for a factory tuned engine, however, once torque is increased with tuning… The predetermined torque model is higher than what the transmission estimates and results is lower-than-needed Line PSI. With PPEI TCM Tuning we increase the line PSI to a torque model like it would have come with from factory – Which gives the transmission the line pressure it needs for the torque increase of the tuning.

**PPEI TCM Tuning - We recommend this for all A50 & T87 controllers. It has an aggressive Line PSI slope which will model a torque curve 100% above stock. The line PSI is modified in such a way that the truck will still retain good mileage yet hold high line psi (Close to 245-300psi under full load) following this torque curve. Line PSI is increased higher across the board, so as a result, fuel economy may be a little lower in some cases.





  • Standalone FlashScan <-> supported controller read/flash.
  • Store tune & log files to internal memory.
  • Read & clear DTC codes.
  • High speed data logging.
  • Display data while logging.
  • Read & program calibration and operating system data of engine controller.
  • Automatic saving of trace files.
  • PC <-> FlashScan <-> supported controller read /flash.
  • Store tune & log files onto PC.
  • Read and clear DTC codes.
  • High speed data logging.
  • Gauges & charts display in real time.
  • Read & program calibration and operating system data of engine controller.






AutoCal Specification


Systems Requirements


  • EFILive AutoCal interface.
  • Vehicle Cable (J1962).
  • PC cable (USB).


  • SAE J2284 CAN and SAE J1850 VPW protocols.
  • Built-in LCD screen.
  • Upgradable bootblock and firmware.
  • 8MB internal memory, 6MB (approx.) available for tune/log files.
  • Vehicle Input Voltage - Min 9V, Max 14V.


  • PC or laptop capable of running Win7 or higher.
  • Optical drive.
  • USB port.
  • Color screen with 1024x768 or greater resolution.
  • 200MB of available disk space.



Please allow 2-3 business days for order fulfillment.