2001 - 2010 ALLISON - TCM TUNING



The PPEI EFIlive Allison TCM Tuning is a major benefit to all customers regardless of their modifications. The TCM Tuning comes with an earlier lock-up strategy that ultimately allows for the truck to put all the power to the ground more efficiently than the stock TCM calibration would allow. As for those weekend warriors it can knock off .05 off your track times for stock transmission applications and even more time with modified/built transmissions.

The PPEI Transmission tuning is super beneficial to trucks running larger or modified turbo applications. PPEI has various TCM tunes that are designed for many different turbo & transmission variations for the best overall performance. The main benefit of TCM tuning is for the ability to change shift points to keep the charger “lit” rather than dropping below an efficient RPM range for specific turbo applications. PPEI has also developed a TCM strategy for trucks with larger than stock tires to help with accurate and efficient shift points.  

Transmission Tuning Details:

  • Earlier Converter Lockup 
  • New Shift Strategy to Keep from Lugging
  • Easier Downshift with Less Throttle Input


     Please allow 2-3 business days for order fulfillment.