What parts store filters fit my FASS or AirDog? Cross References here!

So, you don't want to order AirDog or FASS branded fuel filters, you'd rather pick them up from the local parts store, but what filters fit?


On the FASS, click here for PDF of the Cross Reference Sheet!


How about my AirDog?

Here is some cross references.


  • Fuel Filter- 3420
  • Water Separator- 3616


  • Fuel Filter- 33420
  • Water Separator- 33616


  • Fuel Filter- BF-7531
  • Water Separator- BF-1275


  • Fuel Filter- FF5613
  • Water Separator- FS19768



Rather pick up the FASS or AirDog Filters? 


Fass- https://underdog-diesel.com/products/fass-replacement-filter-package-1

AirDog- https://underdog-diesel.com/products/airdog-replacement-filter-package