How to post an item for sale on a public forum 101.

  As an end consumer, you may try and sell items from time to time on forums and be faced with people skeptical about purchasing your item as scams are running rampant lately.

  Here’s how to make a post and ensure you are doing your due diligence to help the buyer trust you as a seller.

Step 1.
  Clear photos of the item/s listed. Take 5 seconds with a rag and clean it off, don’t be lazy. If it looks like you took the photo with a potato, odds are you’re going to have a hard time selling it.

Step 2.
  Gather information on the item, “I don’t know what it fits” , spend 5 minutes on Google, maybe gather a link of the item so your potential buyer can do research themselves more easily.

Step 3.
  In your photo of the item, include an slip of paper with your name that matches your account. be it your name or @, along with the date you are posting, and the item and part number. What this does is help ensure you are the person posting the item for sale as well as deter unwanted scammers from stealing your images for future scams. Here's an example below of some Duramax Head Studs. 

Step 4.
  Accept a payment such as PayPal Goods and Services, this helps protect your buyer and further gain trust. If you are worried about the fee, add it into your price by taking your price you want to get out of the item, multiplied by 1.03. This puts the fee on the buyer while still netting you the price you wanted to get out of the transaction. If you are shipping the item, factor in the shipping costs to the price. Smaller items can ship in a Flat Rate USPS Box for roughly $16. A buyer is more willing to purchase the item when they know exactly what they are going to have to spend to acquire the item. 
Step 5.
  Gather your info, pictures, create a for sale post in the forum that best fits your item your selling. Relevancy to the forum or group definitely aids in the sale. Don't post steps for a Dodge Ram in a Duramax forum, you get the gist.  
Step 6.
  Be responsive, you are most likely to gain the most traction within the first 24 hours of your post, after that, the algorithm won't show your post for most people on their threads. 
Hopefully after reading this, you are more prepared to sell your items and are more successful in doing so. 
Pro Tips:
(Warranties on several items do not transfer, Tunes are non transferrable) 

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